Agency Terms

Against common Agency practise we do not operate restrictive ‘agreements’ which leaves clients free to withdraw instructions from us at any time by giving us just seven days notice. This places the emphasis on us to deliver a consistent level of service. The only commitment we ask of you at the point of instruction is to pay our fee on completion of a successful sale. This completely transparent approach prevents any complacency on our part. We undertake all the up front costs of marketing, preparation of particulars and advertising on a strictly ‘no sale, no fee’ basis.


Presentation is the key to generating serious interest and achieving the best possible sale price. Our property particulars all have floor plans, a selection of additional photos both external and internal and our experience allows us to emphasise those features most likely to attract buyers. We draft the particulars for your approval and, once approved, they are professionally printed for a quality finish.


From the moment instructions to sell your home are received the details will be entered into our database and matched against all suitable applicants. These prospective buyers will be alerted by text message, e-mail or more traditional methods of the availability of your home with directions to visit our website for more information.


Conscious that the vast majority of buyers now initially search online for their property requirements, we have recently invested significantly in remodelling and updating our website. Prospective buyers can view homes online with our easy to use search facility and information on us and the local area is readily available. A virtual tour is now available for every one of our properties online and floor plans are also a feature. We are members of the UK’s biggest property portals ensuring that all serious buyers will be aware of your property’s availability and these include:, and


Contrary to popular opinion there is no right or wrong way to conduct a viewing but a member of our staff will always be on hand, if required. We recognise that some sellers would wish to conduct viewings themselves whilst many others would rather be absent. Common sense dictates that you can enhance your chances of an early sale if the house is clean and in tidy condition with gardens well maintained. We are happy to hold keys for accompanied viewings and, in most cases, we are able to glean a more candid feedback from viewers. We will always provide a realistic report of viewer’s responses and will endeavour to do so within 48 hours of the viewing. Our office is open seven days a week to accommodate all interest.

Negotiating a Sale and After Sale Service

A significant element of ensuring a successful sale is the process of negotiating an acceptable price and subsequently seeing matters through to completion; indeed, an area that is commonly underestimated when employing your agent is the negotiation of the sale price. Here is where a fee can be more than justified by experienced and skilled negotiators. The directors - Simon Hollands and Rob Smith -never lose sight of who their clients are and have developed a strong reputation for negotiating the very maximum price from interested buyers.

The first stage of this process is qualifying the buyers for their ability to proceed; checking a buyer’s mortgage position and whether any related sale is solid.

In subsequent stages, through Simon and Rob’s long presence in the town, they have come to know the local conveyancing firms and have established a good working relationship with them. By having a good understanding of the legal process helps a free flow of information between all interested parties and is the simplest way of smoothing over any teething problems during the process. The directors pride themselves on their success rate in converting an agreed sale to a satisfactory conclusion.